Victoria Sullivan Viciously Attacks Mayor Joyce Craig at Board of Aldermen Meeting

Was Speech the Kickoff of Her 2023 Campaign or the Vitriolic Vituperation of a Vainglorious Pol Puffed Up by Ego Inflation? — OPINION

Jon Hopwood
4 min readSep 12, 2022
Victoria Sullivan’s remarks before the Manchester BMA (September 6, 2023)

MANCHESTER, NH — Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan launched into a vicious personal attack on Mayor Joyce Craig during her remarks before the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA)’s September 6th meeting, essentially blaming the mayor of New Hampshire’s largest city for the murder of Daniel Whitmore.

During the public feedback session held before every BMA meeting, the twice-failed mayoral candidate (twice defeated by Joyce Craig) also insulted the Democratic Party and the 11 Democratic aldermen who serve on the Board. Sullivan called for their resignation as well as Mayor Craig’s.

Many observers saw it as highly partisan speech that one politician dubbed, “Queen Victoria Sullivan’s 2023 campaign kickoff.”

Sullivan’s cruel and ugly and just plain wrong attack proves that former Alderman at Large/School Board Member at Large Rich Girard was right when he said that she has “no functional understanding of city government.”

Horror Show

Victoria Sullivan was addressing the murder of a man by a homeless person who had been let out on personal recognizance bail. Though ostensibly her subject was to express outrage at the death of the person due to the alleged failure of Mayor Craig to fight crime and homelessness, in my opinion, she came across as an egotistical prima-donna, more outraged that SHE was not the mayor of Manchester.

Sullivan’s constant focus — her continual frame of reference — was herself and the actions she took to “warn” the BMA, which ignored her prescient advice. Her focus on herself would put any “Me Me Me Generation” Baby Boomer to shame.

There seemed to me to be a crudely Freudian aspect to Victoria Sullivan’s barn burning take down of Craig and the Democratic aldermen: She was subconsciously equating the death of the man with her own political death.

The parallel is obvious: After her second defeat by Mayor Craig, she could not even win an alderman’s race in her own ward! Former Manchester Fire Chief Jim Burkush whipped her ass 640–460 in a special election held on March 15, 2022 to fill the vacancy left by the death of Barbara Shaw.

Though Joyce Craig essentially had murdered her political career, vampire-like, during the night of Tuesday, September 6th, “Landslide Vicky” managed to crawl out of her political grave to and flap down to City Hall to try to inflict mortal terror into the mayor and 11 aldermen.

It was a true horror show!

Ego Inflation

Yes: The Republican Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan talked about a murder committed by a homeless person who had been let out of jail on personal recognizance bail — and blamed Mayor Joyce Craig for it.

The way I see it, Sullivan used the tragedy as a hook to blame Craig for the murder and to call for her resignation out of spite, as she cannot stand the fact that another woman sits in the seat that is rightfully hers.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that Victoria Sullivan exploited a tragedy to promote herself as the conscience of Manchester. She actually bringing up a letter published in the Union Leader newspaper in which the writer called out to Landslide Vicky to save the city and not fade away.

Yeah: Victoria Sullivan’s performance was that grossly egotistical. It was that meretricious.

Frankly, it was beyond belief.

Sullivan expressed outrage, all right (the emphasis on RAGE): Outrage that her warnings about crime in the Queen City in general and the Southend in particular were ignored. Motivated (as anyone not part of the putative “Shining Manchester Cult” could see and hear) by outrage that she was NOT “Victoria Sullivan, Mayor of Manchester” as her campaign signs put it.

I watched Landslide Vicky’s ego run rampant that night, a political poseur posturing as if she were the Queen of the Queen City. It must be heady stuff for a demagogue and failed political hack. I was watching a person apparently suffering from Ego Inflation.

The greatest danger of Ego Inflation for any person, let alone a professional politician, is when it leads to them believing that they are god’s tool, that is, that they essentially ARE God.

And on Tuesday night, Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan acted like she was the Wrath of God.

Victoria Sullivan’s ranting — as self-centered as that of a spoiled- brat child, in my opinion — was difficult for me to listen to. I was listening to a person with a Messiah Complex. And we all know how dangerous self-styled messiahs can be.

How many more are ready to drink her political Kool Aid?

(to be continued…)

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