Victoria Sullivan Viciously Attacks Mayor Joyce Craig at Board of Aldermen Meeting

Was Speech the Kickoff of Her 2023 Campaign or the Vitriolic Vituperation of a Vainglorious Pol Puffed Up by Ego Inflation? — OPINION

Victoria Sullivan’s remarks before the Manchester BMA (September 6, 2023)

Horror Show

Victoria Sullivan was addressing the murder of a man by a homeless person who had been let out on personal recognizance bail. Though ostensibly her subject was to express outrage at the death of the person due to the alleged failure of Mayor Craig to fight crime and homelessness, in my opinion, she came across as an egotistical prima-donna, more outraged that SHE was not the mayor of Manchester.

Ego Inflation

Yes: The Republican Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan talked about a murder committed by a homeless person who had been let out of jail on personal recognizance bail — and blamed Mayor Joyce Craig for it.

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