What Became of Rich Girard’s Charge Victoria Sullivan Committed Campaign Finance Irregularities?


Jon Hopwood
2 min readMay 15


Victoria Sullivan on the Girard at Large radio program (credit: Rich Girard, Wikipedia Commons)

MANCHESTER, NH — During the 2021 municipal primary, perpetual candidate Richard H. Girard charged that Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan failed to provide accurate and truthful financial reports to the Manchester City Clerk’s office.

Rich Girard made the claim on his public access TV show.

Whatever became of those charges? Was it just an example of rhetorical politically motivated behavior that led Victoria Sullivan’s campaign manager to call Girard a liar, or is there some truth to it?

A perpetual candidate like his nemesis Sullivan, Girard has been mum about the charges since losing the 2021 mayoral race, which had alienated him from many Queen City Republicans.

The Manchester GOP and Girard apparently kissed (at least an air kiss) and made up. In 2022, Girard became the Republican’s latest sacrificial lamb to be sacrificed electorally to “Lion of the Senate” Lou D’Allesandro in N.H. Senate District 20.

Rich Girard and Victoria Sullivan were contemplating for running for mayor a third time as 2022 wound down, but their hopes were dashed by the intercession of former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Reportedly keen on creating a Manchester machine for her anticipated race for governor against Queen City Joyce Craig, Ayotte dug Jay Ruais out of the mausoleum that is the memory of the Frank Guinta organization to become the Manchester GOP’s anointed.

Both Girard and Sullivan will run for another office — alderman- or school board member-at-large for Girard and Ward 9 alderman for Sullivan, campaigns likely sweetened by some campaign cash from their betters in the Grand Old Party.

That’s why ethics complaints leveled by one politician against another never go anywhere. They are derailed by the perennial ambitions of the perpetual candidate.

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