Victoria Sullivan Questions Conditions at Queen City Homeless Shelter in Facebook Post

MANCHESTER, NH — Victoria Sullivan, the loser in last week’s mayoral election, posted a scathing indictment of a homeless shelter, claiming that it was dangerous and disgusting.

She did not name the shelter.

Sources say the post went up on her Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan Facebook page on Sunday, November 7th. It subsequently has been deleted.

In her post, Sullivan alleges that “advocates” for the homeless claim that a homeless shelter employee committed suicide after being fired “for trying to help the homeless.”

The shelter is unnamed, as are any of the advocates or the employee who allegedly killed herself.

Sullivan also alleges that “advocates” claim that shelter volunteers have experienced “trauma” and mentions the death by overdose of a man, whose body wasn’t found for four hours.

The overdose allegedly occurred on the day that she visited the shelter.

Victoria Sullivan also claims that “sober” homeless people avoid the shelter to avoid dealing with substance abusers. She also claimed the shelter is short staffed and that there is “no adherence to the rules.”

Facebook Post Text

I am hearing that the conditions in the homeless shelter are so bad that one of the employees was fired for trying to help the homeless and has killed herself.

When I was there the advocates for the homeless were talking about the amount of trauma that the volunteers endure. On that particular day a man overdosed and they found him hours later. It was later revealed that he had died. According to the folks at the shelter that was the 4th death in recent weeks.

Meanwhile people who are sober are going in there because there is no transitional housing and having to deal with people using.

There is a staff shortage and no adherence to the rules

Why would anyone want to work there when it is infested with bed bugs, it isn’t a safe environment and the conditions are disgusting?

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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Jon Hopwood

Jon Hopwood

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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