Victoria Sullivan Photographed with Armed Men on Day of Black Lives Matter Vigil

Assault Rifle Bearing Men May Have Been “Protecting” Businesses on South Willow Street — OPINION

Victoria Sullivan (far left) on South Willow Street with men armed with assault weapons
Location of Victoria Sullivan in photo (Insert: Tweet from Manchester Police Department)
Victoria Sullivan in loupe added to photo

On June 2, 2020 Manchester Police closely monitored events in the city spurred by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. An organized event at Stark Park was peaceful, but as the night went on other groups started to become unruly.

At 8pm at Stark Park, a candlelight vigil organized by Black Lives Matter brought in about 700 people. The event lasted just over an hour, and remained peaceful throughout. There was no criminal behavior or arrests made at that location. Afterwards a small group of approximately 50 marched down Elm St, becoming disruptive. The group eventually met up with others gathering on South Willow Street. At one point a juvenile on a bicycle kicked a police cruiser, spit on it, and started shouting profanities. He was arrested.

Cropped & annotated photo: Victoria Sullivan (yellow arrow), assault rifles (red arrows)
Carla Gericke (middle) with Victoria Sullivan (right) during the mayoral vote recount



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