Thinking of Writing for Medium? Six Days After Filing a Request With Support I Have Yet to Receive Help

Six days after contacting SUPPORT I’ve received no help for the problems plaguing me on the Medium platform

If you think that Medium is a viable platform, you are mistaken. Despite all the clickbait articles about how this Medium writer made a fantastic sum of money (whose metier is writing articles about the fantastic sums of money they made on Medium and , or other sites), I have never made enough money to cover the $5.00 monthly subscription price — which I cancelled, as the platform becomes dysfunctional.

Much worse than the practical non-existent pay is that I have been told by potential readers that they cannot access my Medium articles from their smartphones. I thought it was only me, as — at time — I cannot access my articles from my IPhone, either.

That may be one reason my readership is low.

The final blow for me — which led me to cancel my membership — was that the editing function for already published articles ceasing to work, as did most of the tools to navigate the site.

I filed a request with the Help desk six days ago — SIX DAYS AGO — and have yet to hear back from them, other than a perfunctory email from “, telling me they have received my request.

Perhaps by writing this, I’ll get some feedback from

I’ll keep you informed.

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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Jon Hopwood

Jon Hopwood

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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