Tammy Simmons & Carla Gericke Trash Memory of Dead Municipal Worker

Simmons & Gericke posts on Manchester Ink Link FB page

MANCHESTER, NH —Tammy Simmons and Carla Gericke trashed the memory of the late Patrick Michael Gagnon Jr., a Manchester municipal employee who passed away in early December, on the comments section of the Manchester Ink Link Facebook page. They objected to a display of city vehicles on a partially closed street to honor his service to Manchester.

Manchester Ink Link carried an obituary for Patrick Gagnon, and a link to it was posted on their Facebook page. By the time Tammy Simmons decided to play ghoul, accompanied by Carla Gericke, 220 people had already expressed their emotions by clicking off on an emoticon accompanying the obituary.

The in-tandem posts of Simmons and Gericke came directly after one made by a Gagnon family member. In all, it was a shocking display of contempt for simple human decency.

Honoring a City Employee

The 56-year-old Patrick Michael Gagnon, Jr. was a 25-year-long employee of the Manchester Department of Public Works (DPW). He was well liked, and his sudden death came as a shock to family, friends and co-workers.

A highly-respected DPW employee, Gagnon died while he was getting ready to get in his truck. He died on city property.

Out of respect to his long service to Manchester, part of Hanover Street was shut down on December 13th from 4–6 p.m., in sync with his memorial service, which was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. DPW vehicles were assembled to pay tribute to him.

New of this tribute was carried in the Manchester Ink Link obituary.

Similar honors have been bestowed on others who have served the Queen City, such as the late Bill Cashin, former chair of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Alderman Cashin’s funeral motorcade was accompanied by a police escort.

Patrick Gagnon died on the job, in service to his community. And I’m sure that Mayor Craig, in consultation with DPW Director Kevin Sheppard, determined that he was deserving of this modest honor.

It honored one man, but it was a show of respect to all DPW employees.

Manchester DPW employees, on average, are paid lower wages than municipal workers in similar jobs employed by surrounding communities, yet like Patrick Gagnon, they give their all. The city absolutely relies on them to keep Manchester running.

They are the unsung heroes of the Queen City, and the honor was a fitting one, both as a salute to Patrick Gagnon’s service, and to the service of all DPW employees.

Such courtesies cost the taxpayers nothing, but Tammy Simmons and Carla Gericke could not let enough alone. In the presence of Patrick Gagnon’s relatives, they behaved badly, as one outraged DPW employee told me.

According to someone close to the family, his children were reading the comments to see the nice things people were saying about their father.

People were outraged by what they saw as disgraceful behavior on the part of Simmons and Gericke.

Crocodile Tears

“When did it become commonplace to close city blocks when someone passes away?” Tammy Simmons posted.

Simmons’ salvo was made right under a post by Claire Hudson Gagnon, who likely was a family member, possibly his daughter.

“My condolences to the Gagnon family for their loss,” continued Simmons, shedding crocodile tears, “but people die every day.”

She then went on to compound her belittling of the Gagnon family’s loss!

“How/when did anyone paid by the taxpayer become a different class of people in the community?” she said, pushing her political agenda. That was the true intent of her post, I believe.

Carla Gericke then replied to Tammy Simmons in the same thread:

“We all suffer losses. Seems like it would be a private affair? Condolences to the family.”

More crocodile tears. Neither one, in my opinion, gave a good god-damn about Patrick Gagnon or his family when they made their cruel posts. Gericke is as big a fraud as Simmons. They behaved like hyenas.

There was so much kickback on their posts, that most of the posts were taken down. Their shameful and shameless attitude — piling on to disrespect the memory of a dead municipal employee in the presence of his family, in order to impinge all civic employees — was joined in by others of their ilk.

Those posts were removed to.

Anti-State Anarcho-Libertarians

Secessionist Carla Gericke (center) with Victoria Sullivan (right-front) — @Jon C. Hopwood

Both anarcho-libertarian politicians were prominent supporters of Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan, who was defeated by Mayor Joyce Craig for a second straight time in November. Simmons is the former chair of the Manchester City GOP, while New Hampshire Secessionist Carla Gericke is the ex-President of the Free State Project.

Their closeness to Sullivan, and the defeat of mainstream Republican Rich Girard in the primary and his subsequent ostracism from the GOP, shows that the Manchester Republican Party has undergone an anschluss, where it has been taken over by the Free State Project.

However, unlike the larger Germany taking over the much smaller Austria, the Free State Project-Manchester GOP anschluss is more akin to the tail wagging the dog. With the FSP “tail” being located close to the chimerical Republican Party’s anus, one could say that the City GOP has been devoured by is own asshole.

Which brings us to Tammy Simmons and Carla Gericke.

Neither Tammy Simmons or Carla Gericke are natives of New Hampshire. Simmons comes from upstate New York, while Gericke was born in South Africa. She won a lottery to obtain United States citizenship in the 1990s, and is the head of a group of anarcho-libertarians who want New Hampshire to secede from the country that took her in.

Tammy Simmons and Carla Gericke took the opportunity to advance their anti-statist agenda, which includes a decade of vituperative attacks on city employees as a class of people.

In my opinion, both Tammy Simmons and Carla Gericke showed that the sheer mass of their compassion was about on par with that of Hitler’s heart.

Neither one should be involved in any position of political responsibility, but no outrage seems outrageous enough for the Manchester Republican Party — unless it is the compassion shown by former Fire Chief Dan Goonan, a registered Republican, who was blackballed by the City GOP during this election cycle when he ran for alderman at large.

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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Jon Hopwood

Jon Hopwood

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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