Republican State Senate Candidates Rich Girard & George Lambert Linked to Sex Industry Worker in 2013

“Little Mel” Claimed to Have Lived With One as A “Sex Pet” and Sexted With the Other — OPINION

Jon Hopwood
2 min readOct 21, 2022

What do Republican State Senate candidates George Lambert and Richard H. Girard have in common? Two words: “Little Mel.”

LIttle Mel was a former sex industry worker who was intimately involved with Manchester Republicans a decade ago, on both a personal and “professional” level (if your profession is politics).

According to the bio on the podcast The Pleasure Saucer, Little Mel was the force behind the No Boundaries podcast. Little Mel’s show specialized in “…. LGBTIAPQ, BDSM, body image, relationships, sex, self-esteem, rape culture, and women’s issues.”

On the podcast, she and the host discussed Paypal closing the accounts of “sex industry workers.” Around the 12:40 mark, Little Mel admits that “I do have a past where I was a sex industry worker for a little while….”

She said, “…I talk alot about slit shaming sex industry workers,” and act she found offensive.

It was perceived slut shaming that triggered her into outing her extracurricular relationship with Rich Girard, who at the time hosted a radio talk show show.

Girard at the time was grooming Little Mel to become a right-wing pundit. The Union Leader reported that he engaged in a n online “sexting” exchange with Little Mel in which he tried to inveigle sex from her.

Girard never denied his actions, and claimed the resulting scandal made him a “better Christian.”

Concurrently, Little Mel lived with George Lambert and his family in Litchfield. She went on to post online that she had been Lambet’s “sex pet,” a charge that he denied.

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