Queen City Queen of Chaos Victoria Sullivan Served as Chris Sununu’s Stalking Horse

MANCHESTER, NH —The main reason Victoria Sullivan did better in her 2021 race against Joyce Craig than she did in 2019, when she suffered a landslide defeat, was because the State Republican Party and the National GOP were using her as a stalking horse for Governor Chris Sununu.

An amiable boob who it out of his depth as governor in anything other than playing a P.R. hack, Sununu was teasing the Republicans in Washington, D.C. with a proposed campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Governor Chris Sununu has done all he can to undermine Joyce Craig and the City of Manchester, beginning with his dismantling of the Hub & Spoke System for substance abusers.

Hub & Spoke was supposed to take the pressure off of the Queen City, which has far too often proved the dumping ground for the substance abusers of other towns and cities, both in the Granite State and northern New England.

Sources say that Sununu smashed the system, as he thought that he had a chance to flip Manchester into the GOP column by creating chaos in the Queen City. He failed and his U.S. Senate hopes failed with Joyce Craig’s reelection as mayor.


And THAT is the origin of Victoria Sullivan’s outrageous CRAIG’S CHAOS mantra, in my opinion. I’m not a psychologist, but: Talk about projection!

Victoria Sullivan’s campaign crap went far beyond what those old hands in Albany, New York’s municipal political circles call “The Ol’ Bully Bull-Bullshit” into full-blown, head-on, balls-to-the-walls Trumpian schizoid sociopathy, in my opinion.

The paradox of Trump’s style was Let’s make America Great Again by destroying it. With Victoria Sullivan, her Trumpian style was I have to trash the Queen City before I can save it.

Weird Sisters

“By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes,” says one of the Weird Sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a play I read in the Manchester public schools. The very same Queen City public schools Masshole Victoria Sullivan & the so-rabid-if-he-was-a-dog-the-police-would-euthanize-it-and-send-its-head-to-the-state-lab-to-see-if-it-had-rabies Joe Kelly Levasseur trashed and trashed again and trashed some more and trashed yet again in their seemingly schizoid pursuits of personal power.

Instead of #CRAIGSCHAOS being their matra, their brand logo should have been #FUCKYOU+HURRAYFORME.

Except for the baldspot Joe Kelly Levasseur is the spitting image of The Penguin in “Batman Returns”

In my opinion, they are both shits. And:

1 (one) shit + 1 (one) shit does not = 2 (two) shits or 3 or 5 shits if the Grand Old Party says so, but a world of shit for the people of the Queen City.

They have made the people of Manchester filthy with their antics.

Buoyed by national and state money that enabled her to widely broadcast her sustained and persistent trashing of the City of Manchester — it’s schools, its public safety personnel, and Mayor Joyce Craig — Victoria Sullivan played by the new Trump Republican Party rules:

Tear down and soil your opponent.

Rich Girard, who lost to Tricky Vicky in the September primary, would not endorse her for mayor, at the cost of his future career in Republican politics. He found her to be dishonest and incompetent.

Girard denounced her “slash and burn” political style, which was much in evidence in the post-primary campaign.

The Republican Party in a city-wide mailer attacked Manchester School Board at Large Member Jim O’Connell as the supporter of “Critical Race Theory” in Queen City schools. Victoria Sullivan, in one of her irritating and obsessive smartphone videos, claimed that CRT was being taught in Manchester schools, though it is not.

Attacking CRT is straight out of the national GOP rulebook, which was rewritten during the Trump presidency to feature George H.W. Bush-style race-baiting. It is a strategy that was being used across the entire United States this November.

This disgusting tacic, based on The Big Lie philosophy of Dr. Josef Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda), failed in Manchester, New Hampshire. And the Queen City is the better for it, and for the monumental failure of GOP standard bearer Victoria Sullivan and other Republicans down the ticket.

However, the damage to Manchester’s reputation — to its public schools, to its teacher and students and parents, to its public safety employees — is very real.

Like Joseph “The Penguin” Levasseur, Tricky Vicky Sullivan is an irresponsible chatterbox whose main concern seemingly is herself.

The Penguin (Levasseur) came within 91 votes of being defeated by newcomer-to-electoral-politics Dan Goonan, a decent man and a registered Republican (it runs in the family) who was shunned by the GOP.

Alderman at Large Penguin squeaked through despite being the apparent engineer of a last-week-in-the-election hit piece on Dan Goonan purveyed by Rich Girard and midwifed by Penguin toady Keith Hirschmann (who according to Girard plays Chumley to Levasseur’s Tennessee Tuxedo).

Rich Girard characterized Joe Levasseur as the Tennessee Tuxedo and Keith Hirschmann as Chumley

Mercifully, “Chumley” Hirschmann will no longer plague the people of Manchester as alderman from Ward 12 after the first week of January 2022.

The paranoid politics purveyed by Tricky Vicky Sullivan and Joe “The Penguin” Levasseur are, in the opinion of this writer, disgusting and inhumane — and dirty.

Victoria Sullivan and Rich Girard both came to the end of their political careers in 2021. For Joe Kelly Levasseur, we’ll have to wait two more years, when this foolish clown — who reportedly was out and about in what appeared to be theatrical makeup when he was making the rounds of the wards on election day — is retired, too.

As for New Hampshire’s #1 “tease” Chris Sununu, the appeal of his amiableboob act is on the wane, now that his using the governor’s office as a stepping stone to higher office is over. I doubt if the manipulative mooch can match the beloved John Lynch’s record and win a fourth term as governor.

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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Jon Hopwood

Jon Hopwood

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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