MRFF Founder Mikey Weinstein Takes On White Supremacist

Screenshot of pro-Trump post on the New Hampshire Nationalsts website (post has been removed)
MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

I want to make this totally clear; neither I nor MRFF are commenting in ANY manner upon Murdough’s personal campaign for New Hampshire state elected office as that matter is completely up to his district’s electorate and does not involve MRFF in any manner whatsoever. However, I and MRFF ARE confronting and combatting this miserable wretch’s stinking and repulsive, neo-Nazi ideas of racial and genetic supremacy as embodied in his base, evil and vile anti-semitism in conjunction with his Hitlerian embrace of tyrannical white Christian nationalism. In this regard, I want to emphasize that Murdough transmitted this repugnant, anti-Jewish, hate crap to me/MRFF completely unsolicited and utterly out of the blue.

“I created New Hampshire Nationalists so white men and women can work together to fight for their rights, survival, and those they love. It is my hope that it continues to grow and becomes and brotherhood/sisterhood. We do not condone illegal activities and violence. We are men and women with families who work hard every day to make our lives better. We are law-abiding gun owners who are more than able and willing to defend ourselves and our families. We don’t hate anyone for the sake of hating, but we do hate those who believe white people don’t have the right to exist, preserve our identity, and a future for our children.”



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