Manchester Democrats Disregard Republican Put Down of French Canadians

Republicans Strengthened By Establishment Dems Ignoring Manchester’s West Side — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — Mayor Joyce Craig and the Queen City and state Democratic Parties ignored the early August political dustup between mayoral candidates Rich Girard and Victoria Sullivan over “French Canadian Catholics.”

During a broadcast of Tammy Simmons’ ManchTalk public access TV show, Sullivan agreed with Simmons’ seemingly bizarre remarks about the social and political obsolescence of Manchester’s French Canadian (Franco-American) community.

This ethnic group was once one of the major voting blocks in Queen City and state politics. The Franco-American (French Canadian) voting block was once deemed so important by CREEP (Richard Nixon’s 1972 Committee to Re-Elect the President), that the Nixonian “Plumbers” of Watergate Fame — dirty tricksters for Tricky Dicky — manufactured the infamous “Canuck Letter” in 1972.

It was a “letter to the editor” from a Florida resident detailing how in response to a question about blacks at a Muskie for President rally in the Sunshine State (whose primary came after New Hampshire’s), a Muskie aide and Muskie himself had disrespected “Canucks” (an epithet for Canadians in general and for French-Canadians in states with large Franco-American populations).

A facsimile of the Canuck letter graced the front page of the Manchester Union Leader, then under the suzerainty of ultra-reactionary William Loeb, in the lead-up to the 1972 New Hampshire Presidential Primary. It was later determined to be a fake originating from the Nixon camp, and that the writer never existed.

The Canuck Letter helped knock out U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine, the frontrunner Edmund Muskie for the 1972 Democratic Presidential nomination race — as it helped trigger Muskie’s infamous attack on the Union Leader. Held during a snowstorm in which Muskie repeated wiped his eyes, it gave rise to the “Muskie Cried” meme that made the Senator from Maine seem weak.

Muskie’s reaction to the Canuck letter and other attacks on him and his wife generated negative buzz. It was a big boost for Senator George McGovern, who went on to the Democratic nomination and a defeat at the November polls rivaling Alf Landon’s drubbing by FDR in 1936.

Apparently, The Friends of Richard Nixon cared more about French Canadians — even if was, simply, seeing them as an asset to be exploited — than does the Manchester Democratic Party.

In the opinion of this writer, the Simmons and Sullivan comments were not an attack on French Canadians as an ethnic group, as Rich Girard has portrayed it. One has to understand that the Free State Project to which Tammy Simmons and probably Victoria Sullivan herself are allied, politically, allegedly has targeted Ward 11 on the West Side with a political takeover.

Apparently, Simmons and Sullivan see the French Canadian community that is the dominant demographic group in Ward 11 as a problem. Ward 11 was and is the heart of Manchester’s Le petit Canada.

Victoria Sullivan and Tammy Simmons are allied with the Free State Project. The Free State Project, rumor has it, has targeted Manchester Ward 11 for takeover (and possible secession).

Only when this is understood, can their remarks be understood. It is not an attack on French Canadian Catholics per se, but an expression of frustration with a demographic group that keeps them and their allies from power.

As for the Manchester and New Hampshire state Democratic Parties, French Canadians — as well as the West Side of Manchester — seem to hardly exist at all. No wonder why the Free State movement thinks that Manchester’s West Side is ripe for a takeover.

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