Karoline Leavitt a Republican, Yes. But is Karoline Leavitt a Replicant?

Former Donald Trump White House Staffer is Running Against Democratic Congressman Chris Pappas

Are replicants real? And more to the point, is Republican Congressional candidate a replicant?

I appeared multiple times on the , Manchester, New Hampshire’s favorite psychic. Some of the guests on Norm’s show were dedicated UFOlogists. With all the bullshit that has become gospel on both the right and left of the political spectrum in the past decade, mind-bending stuff of the 2+2 = 7 let alone 5 if The Party or The Donald Sez So, whom am I to debunk the theory that there are aliens (from beyond the solar system not the U.S. border) amongst us?

Or the theory, popularized in the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, that there are engaged in social intercouse with us? Bio-engineered humans, or “humanoids” as some would define them?

Whilst perusing some of the 25-year-old Karoline Leavitt’s campaign propaganda the night , the idea came to me that she may be a replicant who, like Rachel in Blade Runner, did not have an expiration date. Karoline Leavitt may have been on our little blue ’n’ white-marbled marble of a planet since antediluvian times, thus explaining her reactionary politics and her 1933–45 German Nazi Party Member-like obedience to her Furore, Donald Trump.

Looking at her Eve in the Garden of Eden countenance and golden locks, I thought that Karoline Leavitt might possibly have had truck with sauropods and other dinosauria. (Think of Ann-Margrock of The Flintstones fame, with The Donald as a taller though no less stouter Barney Rubble.)

Those days when “Rock” was both building materials and lifestyle rather than a genre of popular music were bygone times, and Karoline Leavitt’s MAGA-Gospel “rocks in the head” political philosophy is antediluvian and hearkens back to bygone times where a guy like Donald Trump’s earlier incarnation Barney Rubble wooed his intended missus with a club.

The Three Stooges short “Stone Age Romeos” documents ur-Trumpian courting techniques

I immortalized this epiphany in an artwork inspired by Manchester artist Mike “Gonzo” Gonzales, which I unveiled on my own public access TV show, (Manchester cable TV channel 23).

Whether I mean for this artistic assertion “Karoline Leavitt is a Replicant” to be considered literal or figurative, I cannot say. I do consider it protected speech under the First Amendment.

“Replicants” a work inspired by Karoline Leavitt’s campaign propaganda (@2022 Jon C. Hopwood)



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