Joe Kelly Levasseur is the Biggest Asshole in Manchester, New Hampshire

Nuff said!

MANCHESTER, NH — Joe Kelly Levasseur is the Biggest Asshole in The Queen City, and likely ranks as the most foul and contemptible politician to ever serve in elected office in the history of New Hampshire’s largest metropolis, bar none.

He is also, in my opinion, a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on other people.

That’s right. I have come to the conclusion — and let me state I am not a psychologist, or claim to have any special knowledge of the subject — that Joe Kelly Levasseur is not simply a bully, but a psychologically troubled person who revels in hateful acts that he willfully and knowingly engages in, with cold and calculated deliberation, to hurt people, including the family members of those he attacks.

In my admittedly layman’s understanding of such matters, I would hazard a guess — and I believe it’s a good one — that Joe Kelly Levasseur, if not an actual sociopath, exhibits sociopathic tendencies. As well as narcissism.

Lord of the Flies

I’ve seen Levasseur’s cruelty at work, and his absolute enjoyment in his barbaric acts. And it’s time to call Manchester’s Biggest Asshole out on it, which I will do, in time.

The cruelty and the narcissism seem linked in a feedback loop that makes the egotistical, self-important, puffed-up, swaggering political poseur the Mephistopheles of Manchester.

John Milton’s Satan would rather be the King of Hell than one of God’s Angels in Heaven. So, too, in kind if not degree Joe Kelly Levasseur, whose mission seems to be to make the lives of those he envies as well as those he hates into a living hell.

Joe Kelly Levasseur is The King of the Manchester Manure Pile, a dunghill heaped up of his own making, on which he stands in his vainglory.

Don’t mistake Manchester’s Mephistopheles as preening as he shows himself off on top of Mount Joe; he merely is picking off the flies.

(To be continued….)



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