Did Victoria Sullivan Hobnob with Armed Men & Beam with Delight at the Sight of Bois Playing “Militia” Because She Supports Vigilantism?

MANCHESTER, NH — Queen City voters need to ask themselves whether Victoria Sullivan’s cries that the Queen City — recently designated the 6th safest city to live in by U.S. News and World Report and the #11th safest city in America by WalletHub — is a cesspool of violence, actually is a dangerous delusion fueled by a lust for personal power.

Queen City voters need to ask themselves if this delusion is rooted in a desire to mobilize vigilantes, Trump style, either to use the threat of extrajudicial violence to accrue power, or to actually allow them to engage in violence against targeted groups.

For the Bois! Victoria Sullivan beams with delight at men playing at being vigilantes

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