Crissy Kantor Received Campaign Cash from Group Linked to GOP Activist Who Was Charged With Financial Exploitation

Republican Activist Daniel Mowery was Accused of Stealing Money From Elderly Woman in Vermont

Jon Hopwood
3 min readMay 8, 2023

Ward 6 Alderman Candidate Crissy Kantor’s financial filing with the Manchester City Clerk reveals that she received a $500 campaign contribution from Holt Ave Community, an entity that publicly positions itself as a neighborhood watch group. The group, which lists Republican activist Daniel Mowery’s home as it’s address, has solicited financial contributions to buy watch group signs.

Mowery also was active with fellow GOP activist Victoria Sullivan in raising money and supplies for Ukraine.

In 2012, Mowerry was charged with the financial exploitation of an elderly person in Vermont. Sources say that when authorities in Vermont went after Mowery, another two cases were rolled into the original case.

Mowery was scheduled for a parole hearing in Vermont on March 15, 2022, indicating that he was convicted of a crime, quite possibly fraud related to the alleged financial exploitation. Sources say he was ordered to pay financial restitution to the estate of at least one of the involved parties.

At the time of the initial accusation of financial exploitation, Daniel Mowery was an appointed official of the town of Guildhall, Vermont.

The current town clerk of Guildhall had no knowledge of the case. A person who was an elected town official during the time that Mowery was a town official responded to an email inquiry about how the town of reacted to the charges with the response that they were “unable to make any comment on Mr. Mowery.”

In municipal government, adverse personnel actions typically are privileged information and are thus private.

Questions asked about the case made via the Holt Ave Community Facebook page were unanswered. I found myself blocked from the Holt Ave Community page.

A post from the Holt Ave Community Facebook page

Holt Ave Community

A block party held by Holt Ave Community in June 2022 was covered by the ManchesterInkLink news site. The article featured multiple pics of Daniel Mowery.

In fact, the address given for Holt Ave Community on Crissy Kantor’s financial filing is the home address of Mowery.

In a February 25. 2023 ManchesterInkLink article about a food drive and CPR training session sponsored by the group, Mowery was termed “central to the Holt Ave Community neighborhood watch.”

The event was a catered affair.

In the ManchesterInkLink story, there is a picture of a donation jar. Mowery says that he is raising money to buy Neighborhood Watch signs and other signs for his Holt Avenue community, a neighborhood apparently designated by himself.

A search of the corporation records of the Secretary of State of New Hampshire reveals that there is no record of Holt Ave Community being listed as a non-profit or any other type of corporation.


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