Libertarian Group Allegedly Has Targeted Ward 11 for Political Takeover — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — To understand the bizarre discussion of “French Canadian Catholics” by Victoria Sullivan and Tammy Simmons on the latter’s ManchTalk public access TV broadcast, one needs to know that the Free State Project allegedly has targeted Ward 11 on the West Side with a political takeover.

Apparently, they…

Director Martin Scorsese has a great love for rock ’n’ roll music, as anyone who has seen or heard about his documentaries on George Harrison (Living in the Material World), the Rolling Stones (Shine A Light), Bob Dylan (No Direction Home and the fantasia Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan…

Anthony Burgess May Have Been Thinking of a Slot Machine as a Metaphor for Alex Gambling With His Soul

Anthony Burgess, the author of the novel A Clockwork Orange, said that he wrote the book in three weeks. After Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film adaptation, it became his most famous work, which irked Burgess.

The novel by the lapsed Catholic, conservative monarchist Burgess is a stalwart defense of the doctrine…

Victoria Sullivan & Joe Kelly Levasseur Violated Norms of Simple Common Decency — OPINION

Victoria Sullivan and Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur showed a profound and troubling disrespect for Manchester during the recent municipal election.

The Queen City is my hometown. I grew up here (born in Goffstown as my mother’s Elliot Hospital doctor was on call the at Moore General the day I decided…

Republican Mayoral Candidate Claims Volunteers Have Suffered Trauma — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — Victoria Sullivan, the loser in last week’s mayoral election, posted a scathing indictment of a homeless shelter, claiming that it was dangerous and disgusting.

She did not name the shelter.

Sources say the post went up on her Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan Facebook page on Sunday, November 7th…

Lawrence, Mass. Native Led Hybrid GOP-Free State Project Ticket to Monumental Defeat in Municipal Election — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — The New Hampshire Institute for Politics should archive the video on the Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan Facebook page she put up on the Saturday following her second straight loss to Mayor Joyce Craig. …

Victoria Sullivan’s Politics of Character Assassination and Vilifying Manchester Are Repudiated — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH Mayor Joyce Craig easily won her third term, once again defeating Victoria Sullivan. The Democrats increased their majority on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, winning 11 of 14 seats.

June Trisciani will be replacing Alderman at Large Daniel P. O’Neil, Mary Sullivan Heath will be representing…

Jon Hopwood

I am a writer who lives in New Hampshire

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