Proposed Amendments Give School Board the Power to Override the Tax Cap

Board of Mayor & Alderman pose for a group picture on Inauguration Day, 2020 (photo by Jon Hopwood)

MANCHESTER, NH — A special meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be held tonight, Tuesday, July 20th, at 6:00 pm, as part of the City Charter amendment process.

The meeting essentially is a public hearing on Alderman putting Pat Long’s proposed City Charter amendments granting autonomy to the School Board autonomy on the municipal ballot.

The special meeting is being held to solicit the opinion of the public on the proposed amendments, which would make the School Board fully independent of the BMA, including overriding the tax cap.

It is required under the City Charter.


Former Asst. Majority Leader Has Far Less Experience than Rich Girard or Joyce Craig — OPINION

Richard H. Girard (left) served on the Board of the School Committee for two terms

MANCHESTER, NH Rich Girard’s campaign website announced on July 15th that former State Rep. Barbara Hagan is backing him for mayor. In her endorsement spiel, Hagan dissed 2019 mayoral election runner-up Victoria Sullivan, who was defeated in a landslide by incumbent Joyce Craig.

“To be an effective leader, you must be a problem solver…. Rich has demonstrated ‘experience’ and a good work ethic that he learned growing up in Manchester, and while working at Manchester’s City Hall under a former administration. We need someone with ‘experience’ … not another well-intentioned apprentice.”

Rich Girard served as chief of staff to…

LinkedIn Bio Claims Candidate Was in State House Post For More than 4 Years When Actually She Served 13 Months

Victoria Sullivan’s LinkedIn bio misstates her time as assistant majority leader (Screenshot 6/18/21)

The LinkedIn bio of Manchester mayoral candidate Victoria Sullivan claims that she served as an assistant minority leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives for four years and one month, from December 2014 through December 2018.

In fact, she was not named an assistant majority leader until incoming Speaker of the House Gene Chandler, who succeeded Shawn Jasper, appointed Sullivan to the post in December 2017 along with Al Baldassaro and Laurie Sanborn.

Jasper resigned as Speaker after being appointed Agriculture Commissioner by Governor Chris Sununu.


After becoming Speaker for the third time in his career after two rounds…

Gains Backing of Former State Reps With Ties to N.H. Right to Life Movement

Rich Girard at the 2016 Manchester Municipal Inauguration at the Palace Theatre (cr. Jon Hopwood)

MANCHESTER, NH Rich Girard finally received an endorsement from a voter in the city he is vying to lead. On July 15th, his campaign website announced that former State Rep. Barbara Hagan is backing him.

While other citizens of Manchester may have endorsed Girard, none was listed on his campaign website before the Hagan nod was presented to the public. His three previous endorsements, posted online and ballyhooed to the press, were from people who were not from the Queen City, or associated with Manchester’s political scene.

In a statement posted to the Girard for Mayor website, Hagan noted…

Wokeness Turns Mass Media’s Truthiness Problem Into Outright Distortion — OPINION

Calhoun appeared on the CSA $1K bill with Jackson, who regretted not having executed him for treason

In the ongoing HISTORY WARS (POP! POP! POP! go the guns ’n’ weasels) it’s amazing what mass media gets wrong when it is out to promote “truthful” woke history. The truth is always a stretch with press organs riddled ny truthiness.

For year now, white evangelicals with the zeal of the newly converted have bombarded (POP! POP! POP!)of social media the meme Critical Race Theory is an innocuous movement that simply wants the “truth” of American history taught in schools. …

Faux Pas Reveals Republican Mayoral Candidate as Political Lightweight; She Should Drop Out — OPINION

Sword drawn a Statue of Gen. John Stark (left) stands sentinel in front of the City Hall Annex

MANCHESTER, NH — In the most remarkable campaign development since Ted Gatsas was revealed to have covered up a high school rape for 18 months when announcing his bid for reelection 2017, Victoria Sullivan’s consultant Michael Biundo used a metaphor implying that the Queen City stinks.

“Picture this: You open your refrigerator, you look at the expiration date on your milk and it says you have a few days left. When you open the carton, however, you can smell that something is not right. That’s what the residents of Manchester have to endure daily. The smell of something that’s not…

It took Martin Luther King’s Murder to End Jim Crow cartoon in Memphis newspaper

J.P. Alley editorial cartoon 1923 (no longer in copyright)

J.P. Alley was born and died during Democratic administrations, entering the world during the first term of Grover Cleveland in 1885, and exiting during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first in 1934. This was a time where Congress, specifically, the U.S. Senate, was controlled by Southern Democrats. Southern Democrats — those Congressional Democrats hailing from the states that made up the former Confederacy and Border States — were virulently racist and dedicated to upholding segregation.

Largely due to Alley’s cartoons, his newspaper, the Memphis Commercial Appeal won the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. …

Modestly Talented Marilyn’s Star Faced Eclipse But Her Image Was Stuck in Amber by her Death by Overdose

Clark Gable said of his “Misfits” co-star MM: “She makes a man proud to be a man.”

Let’s face the truth ignored by all the writers and journalists who have made Marilyn Monroe a cottage industry outstripping Charles Manson & Family and just coming up short of Christ Jesus: If Marilyn Monroe wasn’t pretty, if she didn’t possess a figure that evolutionary biologists claim was a perfect advertisement for breeding, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

I know I wouldn’t be writing it.

For the everloving eternal truth is, Marilyn Monroe’s acting talent was small. Without those looks, she’d never have been before a movie camera as anything other than a background extra.

But those looks…


Former Ward 3 Alderman Tim Baines (l.) would be a viable candidate for mayor; Rich Girard (r.) is not

MANCHESTER, NH — That the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) intended to take up the proposed City Charter amendments dealing with School Board autonomy during its Tuesday, July 6th meeting only became known late Monday afternoon when the City Clerk’s office published the BMA agenda and supporting materials on the city’s website.

Apparently, this was the first public revelation of Ward 3 Alderman Pat Long’s revision of the School Charter Commission’s amendment dealing with the tax cap. …

Rich Girard and Victoria Sullivan Fail to Take a Public Stand Before Board

Manchester Board of Mayor & Aldermen. Mike Porter of Ward 8 (upper left) resigned and the seat is empty.

MANCHESTER, NH — Ward 3 Alderman Pat Long’s proposed City Charter amendments granting autonomy to the Board of the School Committee as regards budgeting, finance and taxation passed the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) by a vote of 7 to 4 on Tuesday night.

According to City Clerk Matt Normand, for an alderman’s proposal to advance to the municipal ballot to face approval or rejection by the voters required a simple majority of the aldermen present. With 11 aldermen present, that meant Pat Long’s proposal needed six votes.

Earlier, a proposed City Charter amendment to standardize special elections for…

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