Ted Gatsas & Danny O’Neil Fought Over LED Lighting Vendor in 2015 — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — The nearly six-year-old street lighting contract that has been dredged up to support ex-Alderman Elizabeth Moreau’s attack on on Alderman-at-Large Daniel P. O’Neil predates his alleged employment with the lobbying company that represented the winning bidder.

The city contract was signed in 2015, and Alderman O’Neil’s alleged employment began in 2016.

The charge by Elizabeth Moreau, Republican, against Daniel P. O’Neil, Democrat, is that he did not report his employment with the lobbying firm. The allegation was made in a letter sent to Richard “Dick” Tracy at the Office of the New Hampshire Attorney General.

Sources reveal…

Former Police Lieutenant Had Troubled Yuletide Season in 2006

Manchester, NH —Ward Eight elections clerk Jim Gaudet, the former Litchfield Police Department Lieutenant, was arrested at Christmas time in 2006 for allegedly assaulting his teenage daughter. It was an eventful holiday season for Gaudet, who had earlier been investigated for publicly exposing himself.

The December 30, 2006 edition of the Nashua Telegraph carried the story of Gaudet’s Yuletide arrest, in the first column left above the fold. However, the Gaudet story was overshadowed by news heralding SADDAM HANGED.

The Telegraph story reported that Gaudet, then the #2 men in the Litchfield Police Department, was arrested and charged by the…

Civil Rights Icon’s Father “Daddy” King Played Key Role in Two Presidential Elections

President Joe Biden told the attendees of his inauguration that former President Jimmy Carter, who at 96 has suffered from health problems, couldn’t be there today, but was with them in spirit. Biden also committed the country to battling systemic racism.

Ex-Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter with Corretta Scott King, MLK, Sr. & Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, 1976

The Carter presidency initially seemed to be a bridge between two eras, that of the old Jim Crow south and the new South. Carter had promised to health the nation, not just of the hammerblows to the national psyche that was the debacle in Vietnam, but to mend the moral fabric of America, torn by centuries of racism.


Politician was Caught Parking in Handicapped Spot — OPINON

Manchester, NH — The revelation that a Queen City parking control officer filed a police report against Alderman-at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur after he verbally abused her while writing a ticket for illegal parking has raised the question whether the incident illustrates a pattern of scofflaw behavior on Levasseur’s part. The altercation also has raised questions on whether Levasseur’s intimidation of city employees violates the City Charter.

Joe Kelly Levasseur parked his car in a disabled parking spot in February 2020, with the aldermanic parking placard on display on the dashboard. …

Mike Pence Championed WWII Vet’s Bible That Triggered Federal Lawsuit — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — The Trump Administration opened a new front in the so-called “War for Religious Liberty” when it became involved in a veterans group’s placement of a Bible on a POW/MIA “Missing Man Table” at a Veterans Health Administration facility in the Granite State’s largest city. This attack on the doctrine of the separation of church and state overturned precedent in federal government facilities, triggering a federal law suit.

The Manchester VA Medical Center’s controversial “Bible in a Box”

Placing the Bible on the POW/M.I.A. table engendered opposition by veterans who used the Manchester VAMC, who objected to the privileging of Christianity in a healthcare facility that serves people…

Willie Mays Likely Wouldn’t Have Faced Backlash Had He Broken Babe Ruth’s Career Home Run Record

On Opening Day 1974, Hank Aaron was on the verge of breaking the greatest record in baseball history, Babe Ruth’s career record for most home runs. Until 1961, Ruth’s records also had included most home runs in a single season — and most scoreless innings pitched in the World Series. The teenaged George Herman Ruth started out with the Boston Red Sox as a Hall of Fame-bound left handed pitcher.

Hall of Fame Plaque, Cooperstown, NY

Hank Aaron was the perfect player to break the record, as when his career numbers were totaled — aside from pitching — they equaled or exceeded the tremendous stats ran…

No Insight on Why Majority of Manchester Senior Services Commissioners Resigned Their Seats — OPINION

MANCHESTER, NH — People viewing the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s January 19th meeting found out that a majority of the Senior Commission’s Board of Directors had resigned. They would not have found out why.

Manchester’s Senior Services Commission meets at the Cashin Senior Activity Center

Readers of the New Hampshire Union Leader or manchesterinklink.com have not been informed of this remarkable development. The majority of members of any commission resigned likely would be news in any other community other than “Moscow on the Merrimack.”

Moscow on the Merrimack

Why do I dub the Queen City “Moscow on the Hudson”? Is it because I find that the lack of information on…

Manchester Senior Services Department Apparently Moribund During COVID Pandemic

MANCHESTER, NH — The Cashin Senior Activity Center on Manchester’s West Side reportedly will be turned into an emergency shelter to house 40 homeless individuals, according to city officials. The City of Manchester already has bought cots for an emergency shelter to be situated in a city-owned building, according to Manchesterinklink.

The City also is applying for a grant to finance the transformation of the facility created with half-a-million dollars of privately raised money into a homeless shelter.

Since the Senior Center is across the street from Manchester West High School, there may be a backlash against locating homeless people…

Action Would Require Declaration of Emergency by Governor

Manchester, NHAlderman Keith Hirschmann, during his first stint representing Ward 12, called for the use of the State Armory to house the homeless at a December 18, 2001 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen‘s’ Finance Committee. A Republican, Alderman Hirschmann pointed out that such an action would require then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen to officially declare that the Queen City’s homeless situation was an emergency.

Just as in 2020, the Queen City was struggling with the onset of the freezing temperatures of winter, which put Manchester’s homeless population at risk.

Facsimile of Transcript of BMA Finance Committee Meeting Minutes (12–18–2001)

Nineteen years later, history is reporting itself. The…

True Mortality Rate at Facility Overseen by County Commissioner Toni Pappas Hard to Come By; May be Understated

Faith, Hope & Love might be on supply at the Nursing Home but accurate statistics are not. (Pic: Jon Hopwood)

The Hillsborough County Nursing Home overseen by by the County Commission chaired by Toni Pappas accounts for at least nine percent (9%) of all the COVID deaths in the state of New Hampshire. It is hard to tell exactly how much, as the weekly reports issued by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services has reported the same amount of deaths — 39 (thirty-nine) — for months.

Apparently, the milestone of 39 deaths was established on or around July 27th, and that is the number that is still being used in the latest NH DHHS report, issued on October…

Jon Hopwood

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