Manchester Senior Services Department Apparently Moribund During COVID Pandemic

MANCHESTER, NH — The Cashin Senior Activity Center on Manchester’s West Side reportedly will be turned into an emergency shelter to house 40 homeless individuals, according to city officials. The City of Manchester already has bought cots for an emergency shelter to be situated in a city-owned building, according to Manchesterinklink.

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The City also is applying for a grant to finance the transformation of the facility created with half-a-million dollars of privately raised money into a homeless shelter.

Since the Senior Center is across the street from Manchester West High School, there may be a backlash against locating homeless people, many of whom suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse problems, in an area with schoolchildren. …

Action Would Require Declaration of Emergency by Governor

Manchester, NHAlderman Keith Hirschmann, during his first stint representing Ward 12, called for the use of the State Armory to house the homeless at a December 18, 2001 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen‘s’ Finance Committee. A Republican, Alderman Hirschmann pointed out that such an action would require then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen to officially declare that the Queen City’s homeless situation was an emergency.

Just as in 2020, the Queen City was struggling with the onset of the freezing temperatures of winter, which put Manchester’s homeless population at risk.

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Facsimile of Transcript of BMA Finance Committee Meeting Minutes (12–18–2001)

Nineteen years later, history is reporting itself. The State of New Hampshire’s National Guard Armory is seen by many as the best place to house an emergency homeless shelter. However, Governor Chris Sununu and state agencies aren’t cooperating. …

True Mortality Rate at Facility Overseen by County Commissioner Toni Pappas Hard to Come By; May be Understated

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Faith, Hope & Love might be on supply at the Nursing Home but accurate statistics are not. (Pic: Jon Hopwood)

The Hillsborough County Nursing Home overseen by by the County Commission chaired by Toni Pappas accounts for at least nine percent (9%) of all the COVID deaths in the state of New Hampshire. It is hard to tell exactly how much, as the weekly reports issued by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services has reported the same amount of deaths — 39 (thirty-nine) — for months.

Apparently, the milestone of 39 deaths was established on or around July 27th, and that is the number that is still being used in the latest NH DHHS report, issued on October 30th. …

N.H. Secessionist & State Senate Candidate Was Charged with Disobeying Police Officer

Carla Gericke, the former head of the New Hampshire Free State Movement, was arrested by police in Weare, New Hampshire in 2010 after she disobeyed a police officer. The arrest happened when Gericke pulled her car up behind a police cruiser that was involved in a traffic stop of a person she says was a friend. When Gericke arrived at the scene, the police officer was questioning the driver of a car that allegedly had been going 47 mph in a 30 mph zone.

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A Carla Gericke supporter was at the polls in Goffstown, NH on Primary Day 2020

Gericke also was charged with obstructing government administration and “unlawful interception of oral communications” (violating New Hampshire’s law prohibiting wiretapping and eavesdropping) for attempting to tape the police stop. …

Republican with Few NH Roots Won Nomination Due to Trump Endorsement: OPINION

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Congressman Chris Pappas with NH State Senate President Donna Soucy

Matt Mowers, the 31 year-old Republican candidate for one of New Hampshire’s two House seats in District One, has been derided as a carpetbagger whose New Hampshire roots run no deeper than a summer dandelion. Mowers came to New Hampshire as part of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign, and then was hired by the New Hampshire Republican Party to serve as executive director.

Before declaring residency and filing for federal office in New Hampshire, a state he reportedly doesn’t own a home in, Mowers was mostly know for his role in the Christie Administration’s Bridgegate scandal. …

Judge ‘s Decision was a Devastating Attack on Executive Councilor’s Integrity: OPINION

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In 2017 the Manchester School Board addressed Ted Gatsas’ failure to report 2015 West High School rape

MANCHESTER, NH — Judge Jillian L. Abramson’s decision dismissing Theodore Gatsas’ defamation lawsuit against two citizens who petitioned the Queen City’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) for an investigation of Gatsas’ failure to inform them of a high school rape was a devastating judgement on the former mayor’s character.

The decision all but called Gatsas (the plaintiff) a liar.

Controversial Display Violating Separation of Church & State Remains at Manchester VA Medical Center: OPINION

Herman “Herk” Streitberger, the World War II veteran whose personal Bible triggered a national battle over the separation of church and state, died at the age of 101 in May. The former B-24 bomber crew member passed away at the Mount Carmel nursing home in Manchester, New Hampshire, during a legal battle triggered by the exploitation of his Bible by the “religious liberty lobby.”

The religious liberty lobby is closely linked to Donald Trump and his Vice President, ex-Catholic and born-again evangelical Protestant Mike Pence. …

A Mr. Baseball Memorial Article Honoring John Weekes

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The late Tom Seaver won 20 games or more five times, topped by his total of 25 victories in the 1969. Coming after “The Year of the Pitcher,” when Denny McLain won 31 games and his Detroit Tigers beat Bob Gibson’s defending Champs in the World Series, 25 wins wasn’t all that spectacular, but it was good enough to win Tom Terrific the first of his three Cy Young Awards.

Seaver was the Roger Clemens of his time, minus the steroids, a right-handed power pitcher who was the best righty if his generation. His only true peer was Steve Carlton. …

Detroit Tigers Hurler was Suspended for Gambling, Later Served Time for Racketeering & Embezzlement

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A John Weeks “Mr. Baseball” Memorial Review of the History of Baseball

The 50th anniversary of Denny McLain’s monumental 30-game winning season of 1968 wasn’t honored. Neither was the 60th anniversary.

Before the short COVID-19 season of 2020, some baseball pundits predicted that we might see the first .400 hitter in over three quarters of a century, when Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. That’s not likely to happen, though a .400 hitter is not outside the realm of possibility in the future.

What is outside the realm of possibility, perhaps forever, in a baseball world of five-man rotations and Cy Young Award winning starting pitchers with all of 10 victories is the 30-game winner. …

Evades Issues & Problems Inherited from Republican Dennis Hogan — OPINION

John J. Coughlin, the Amherst lawyer who is running for the Republican nomination for Hillsborough County Attorney, avoided addressing substantive issues in his Op-Ed. The Coughlin “brief” that subsequently was picked up by the Union Leader was OK in terms of Coughlin’s self-promotion as it laid out the particulars of his extensive legal career. However, the Op-Ed essentially was a hit piece on incumbent Hillsborough County Aattorney Michael Conlon.

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John Coughlin failed to mention his Republican opponent or the GOP at all a recent Op-Ed

Portraying himself as running against Conlon, Coughlin’s utterly ignored the fact that he was facing a primary challenge from Dan Hynes. …

Jon Hopwood

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